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(1) Enter Address & Press Go


The query string should be written in the form of '[POI], [House Number], [Street], [City], [County],[Country]' separated with commas. The points are shown with black icon markers.


  • Thannhausen, Germany
  • Oxford Circus, London, UK
  • Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany - see below


(2) Franson GPS or WiFi Position

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Press 'Locate' and browser positioning will try to ascertain your position based on WiFi signals. You may need to give your permission for browser positioning. If found, the position is displayed with a blue marker.

Franson provides tools in GPSGate to allow web pages to read the position from a GPS connected to a local computer in a safe and controlled way.

You need to make sure that you have GpsGate 2.6 or later installed, and have "GPS in Browser" added as an Output. You also need a built-in GPS or a GPS connected to your computer and GpsGate must be running. Alternatively you can use the software to simulate routes if no GPS feed is available.

GPS in browser works with any browser that handles javascripts. It is tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Opera Mobile on Windows Mobile / Pocket PC.


If a valid position is available a blue marker is displayed. If there is no valid position a black marker is shown at a default position. The current browser information is also available below the map.


(3) Email Positions

Press 'Email' to email the positions of the markers for future reference:


(4) Weather & Wikipedia

wiki wiki

Local weather and up to twenty Wikipedia entries within a radius of fifteen kilometres will be displayed at the bottom of the map. You can also clear or update the entries based on the current centre of the map.


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Leaflet Mobile Map uses Mapbox Leaflet for full compatibility with mobile devices