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Systematic Maps - Sysmaps: Applied Topographical and Physical Maps

Systematic Maps - Links

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  1. GB: Ordnance Survey - OS Maps: online mapping and route planning
  2. France: IGN géoportail: 1:25,000 scale maps
  3. France: IGN map for tablets
  4. Belgium online topo viewer
  5. Germany: WebAtlas
  6. Deutschland-Online Geodaten
  7. Hubermedia and ECMaps for Kompass and Falk maps
  8. Bayern geoportal viewer
  9. Oberbayern mapping from
  10. Nordrhein Westfalen geoportal
  11. Kompass online outdoor maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy
  12. Bergfex Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV) topo maps for Austria
  13. for Austrian Maps including Bergfex
  14. Switzerland: Swiss Topo to 1:25,000 scale maps
  15. SwitzerlandMobility: Wanderland for hiking, cycling and mountain biking
  16. Italy: Portale Cartografico Nazionale 1:100,000 and 1:25,000; can overlay with own WMS
  17. Spain: all maps, including IGN 1:50,000 topo maps, released as WMS server (see WMS/APIs page), with their own generic viewer. Catalonia have their own OpenLayers-based viewer for their own topo maps
  18. Portugal: IGP IGEO to 1:50,000
  19. Austria: BEV Austrian Map (federal body)
  20. Salzburger Land: online viewer for GISonline Geodatenviewer des Landes Salzburg
  21. Czech Republic: WMS viewer at Geoportál ČÚZK
  22. Czech Mapy Viewer: comprehensive viewer at
  23. Poland: WMS viewer at Polish Government geoportal
  24. CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information - digital elevation data (CGIAR-CSI)
  25. Singapore transport map by How2Go at

  1. OS OpenSpace from Ordnance Survey with more information on the API, maps and usage
  2. Ordnance Survey general web site
  3. OS Election Maps for the UK and European parliaments and local authorities
  4. OS OpenLayers and OpenSpace API working examples
  5. Ordnance Survey MapZone for kids
  6. OS Grid conversion site at
  7. OS Maps GPX file generator by Chris Grimble
  8. Bikehike site for side by side Google and OS maps
  9. Ordnance Survey of Ireland topo maps
  10. Satellite dish & rotor alignment settings calculator at
  11. Terrestial TV settings calculator at
  12. UK election maps from the OS
  13. Old maps of the UK
  14. OSGB Web Map Tools v1.0 - open source software
  15. Britain's official guide to canals, rivers and lakes at
  16. Vision of Britain through Time at
  17. Ordnance Survey compass
  18. National Library of Scotland historic OS maps and layered map
  19. SABRE is the Society for all British and Irish road enthusiasts with an excellent map viewer
  20. British Geological Survey maps page or the historical map viewer
  21. Outdoorgps site for RouteBuilder in UK, Germany and USA
  22. Saturday Walkers Club UK Walkers site with OS maps
franson loki
  1. Skyhook's certified location delivers accurate positioning for mobile devices and web browsers.
  2. Franson software for sharing a GPS among several applications, GPS logging, GPS simulation, protocol conversion, GPS sharing over Bluetooth and any kind of IP network including the Internet. GpsGate Client can also send and receive data from and the GpsGate Server.
  3. How Franson GpsGate works
  4. GPSGate Tracking and Vehicle Tracking at GpsGate Client application let's you share one GPS for several applications with logging, simulation, GPS sharing over networks etc.
  5. Center on your position - GPS in Browser bookmarklet
  6. Vehicle tracking examples
  7. GPS in Browser demo at
  8. Example current position on a map

These maps are compatible and will centre with Franson GPSGate running:

  1., BuddyTracker and VehicleTracker (hosted)
  8. Free Earth Foundation
  20. - maps and utilities for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iTouch etc.
  1. OpenLayers examples
  2. OSGeo Foundation wiki related projects and community
  4. OpenStreetBrowser
  5. OpenRouting based on OSM
  6. OpenWeatherMap for world-wide weather and weather maps
  7. OSM worldwide transport map
  8. EU public transport map from OPNV
  9. Hiking and biking map
  10. Cdauth map or Facilmap map with various layers
  11. OpenSeaMap project for nautical maps
  12. Mapbox maps for maps, tools and services
  13. TrackMyJourney for real time updating and maps for Java based phones
  14. Mapbox for designing fast maps for sites and applications
  15. GPSVisualizer for gpx/tcx conversion
  16. GPSies for file conversion
  17. Topographical maps of Germany at
  18. Oxford Archaeology Site Map at
  19. Navigational charts at
  20. D-A-F Projektkarte Frankfurt am Main
  21. US Geological Survey (USGS) maps at
  22. ACME Mapper 2.0 topo maps
  23. Geoguessr for the Google Streetmap challenge - find the locations worldwide within meters!
  1. Bing
  2. Google Maps
  3. ScribbleMaps for custom Google maps
  4. LondonSantander Cycles
  5. Transport for London Santander Cycles
  6. French cycling route planner at
  7. Maps for Free for upgraded Google maps
  8. Michelin maps
  9. AA UK route planner
  10. TravelEngland for up-to-date travel information
  11. UK Hydrographic Office for admiralty leisure and commercial nautical charts
  12. IGN France API for access to French topographical maps
  13. Steve Matt UK Ordnance Survey OS bookmark script
  14. Where's the Path for dual OS and Google maps
  15. Google Earth
  16. Geonames web services
  18. SusTrans cycling network
  19. MotionBased - Garmin connect site
  20. Suunto cross sports
  21. for business and other searches
  22. UK Nautical Almanac Office at
  23. AF Components for mapping tools
  24. Terragotech PDF mapping toolbar at
  25. US government USGS topographical maps
  26. for custom, markable maps
  27. Traffic England
  28. Marengo route plannner
  29. Inspire
  30. Eurographics
  31. Geodatenzentrum
  32. Nordrhein-Westfalen viewer
  33. Bavarian mapping agency
  34. Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie
  35. French IGN mapping agency
  36. Frixo - a usedful road traffic reporting site
  38. UK Met Office for weather reporting
  39. GPS Visualizer for do-it-yourself mapping
  40. MapSphere Online for geotagging etc.
  41. HTML5 demo to display your current browser position
  42. Scribble maps
  43. Emapsite online map service and shop
  44. Mauerkarte for the wall between the DDR and Federal West Germany
  1. Public Footpaths for the iPhone iOSMaps application
  2. IGN maps on an iPhone at iphigé
  3. MotionX for maps and tracking on an iPhone
  4. MapBox case studies
  5. Garmin Mobile
  6. TomTom Navigator for mobile devices
  7. Navigon for turn by turn navigation on Windows Mobile and the iPhone
  8. GPSies for iPhone tracking and file (KML/GPX etc conversion)
  9. TrackMyJourney for managing, sharing and viewing tracks


We check the links periodically but if you find any that do not work, let us know.