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Systematic Navigation

Systematic Navigation solves all the problems of calculating hour angles, declination and sight reduction and then plots sight lines and statistical fixes for up to three sights. It is totally automated and removes the need for a pocket calculator, almanac or sight tables and provides: 

  1. Position fixes from two or three sextant sights without an almanac
  2. Automatic calculation of hour angles, declination and sight reduction
  3. Chart plots and full results print-outs of all angles and position lines
  4. Stars charts for all 59 stars giving SHA, elevation and bearing
  5. Star identification from angle and bearing
  6. Schedule of positions of all celestial bodies
  7. Sun and moon rise and set including sun transits

Systematic Maps - SysMaps, Astro Navigation without The Nautical Almanac using data from Compact Data for Navigation and Astronomy

The accompanying guide does not try to teach astro navigation however it is particularly suited to students of navigation who wish to apply the methodology. For example, you can choose to select the calculation of hour angles and declination using: 

  1. Aries Corrections
  2. Polynomial Coefficients
  3. Almanac Data - Greenwich and Sidereal Hour Angles and Declination

The documentation with the system explains all the formulae, which follows the procedures outlined in The Nautical Almanac and Compact Data for Navigation and Astronomy.

Systematic Maps - SysMaps, Chart of Sun, Mooon , Planets and Stars locations


Systematic Navigation is an Excel-based solution for astro and offshore navigation

The latest version is valid with Nautical Almanac Office data until 31 December 2020 after which time a new version will be available

The application works in both German and English and has been continually developed and improved since 1992 as new data has become available

The software uses methods and data from the UK Nautical Almanac Office